Latest Projects: Small House

PR Small House 1 with textures 23 4


This self-sufficient cabin measures only 10′ X 20′ yet includes all the modern                   conveniences expected in a home twice it’s size. Recycled rainwater can be used for   washing dishes and roof-top solar panels provide enough electricity to run LED’s all       night long. It can comfortably sleep three-four people and has a large deck and patio.

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Single Family / four car garage

This Single Family / four car garage was drafted in autoCAD for a client who wished       to build it as his cottage. A set of five drawings consisting of a Plot Plan, Floor Plan,       Foundation Plan, Section & Detail and Elevations were made for construction.

 What does Nolyn Do?

Nolyn designs houses, buildings, and occasionally vehicles. Concepts are drawn with the use of Google Sketchup and AutoCAD then rendered in either Render[in] or Sketchup Styles. All his designs and concepts are entirely original and are completed to the highest quality and detail. These are mostly school or work related projects, thus of which account for a variety of contracts. Presented on the Google 3D Warehouse, are all 3D models that are free to download and are view-able in Google Sketchup. A mix of traditional design of which is a fundamental element evident in Nolyn’s designs, reflects his passion for a further endeavour into the field of Architecture.(Please be advised that some components within these designs such as trees, cars, and furniture, are created by other Sketchup modelers.)

        The Point Roberts project

design-004-house-bWorking along the clients specific wishes, Nolyn was able to produce several practical designs, despite the multiple difficulties of this project. Included in this project is a scale model, view-able at the Model Design tab. The model features wall support beams and interior lighting. Any further information may be granted upon request.

The Off-Shore Project

design-001-boat-aOriginally the boat was designed as pleasure craft but as it progressed it became a 300hp Off-Shore Racer. Inspired by a of “Go-Fast” Miami boats, this design offers unique personality.

Commercial Building Design

Commercial Building Design


Dynamic House Design

new house 12~

Aircraft Turbine Concept 

Aircraft Turbine

What are Geo Buildings?

Magee secondaryIn addition to conceptual architecture, Nolyn has built a substantial collection of real life house, building, and structure models. With the use of Google Building Maker Nolyn has rendered nearly 500 models, some of which have been further detail in Sketchup. These special models were constructed with near procession in a effort to duplicate the original. With contrast to his designs, these models feature real image textures and surfaces. For example, the building showen in the picture above is Magee Secondary of Vancouver, BC. This along with many other models reflect either personal or professional interests Nolyn has acquired. All Geo models can be viewed on Google Earth or at the Google 3D Warehouse.

Hire Nolyn

Nolyn CaldwellNolyn is a willing to take on almost any 3D or animated project. He has proven a timely worker that will make the deadline without compromising quality. For further inquiries please contact Nolyn via the contact tab